We engage users not as passive beneficiaries but as active, critically-minded and demanding citizens.

We seek to make visible hidden possibilities and new ways of relating to our urban environment.

We want to raise awareness about problems while remaining positive and optimistic.

We understand that good design matters and can add value to public space.

We engages stakeholders and seek partnerships across various fields and sectors.

We value economy of means and make effective use of limited resources.


Incursiones is a social initiative creating the content and context for social interaction, building citizenship through playful events and using creativity as a tool to promote civic values.

Incursiones is a creative laboratory for the transformation of scenarios and dynamics of the city, founded in Caracas in 2015. The office is part of a creative industry involved in regenerating the social fabric through projects that foster strong community relations, rebuild a sense of citizenship and introduce a sense of play to urban interventions, while connecting with the various interests and working within the budgetary limits of clients and benefactors.

Always curious to test new ideas, for Incursiones the city itself is a testing ground open to fun, unexpected readings for a wide range of actions, from one-day events and parties and temporary installations to permanent interventions that bring about change and improvements to the urban and social setting of the work..