We Want to awaken new ways of seen our city, our spaces, ourselves. Through playful acting we propose moments of encounter in a city overwhelmed by the everyday problems

We want to provoke interaction and reactions for everybody to see and feel, between the city and its inhabitants, through different experiences

We Want people Playing, because is a fun way to learn. We want to Build citizenship awareness through playful acting.


Incursiones is a social initiative creating the content and context for social interaction, building citizenship through playful events and using creativity as a tool to promote civic values.

We create different experiences aiming to reveal new ways to approach the design of public space and how we think about our cities. We do so connecting students of the architecture schools with endanger communities to envision new spaces and programs, in the process, they get stronger as a community, define leaderships and understand their power to create change.

Through our last project, the urban garden PARADISO, we have been testing the power linking architecture students with emerging community leaders. PARADISO provides a space of inclusion and illusion; a fragile space secluded from a conflictive context in witch the visitor is invited to help build a different kind of city.

By promoting interaction and collaboration, Paradiso aims at rebuilding citizenship and confidence both towards the city and towards its other inhabitants. With this social program we won the Impact Hub Education Fellowship in wich we are developing ways to bring Paradiso to the slums of our city

All the actions we built can be catalogued as a creative service. Our product is the result of an active process of thinking, through investigation, playing, modeling and discussing. We question ourselves where we want to see our city growth and what we want to show to the citizens, through answering those questions our ideas take form and transform into plans of actions.