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My Life In My Hands

January 28, 2018
Juntos Buscamos
September 18, 2017

Educational Program based on values for life for vulnerable girls and boys with focus on prevention of teenage pregnancy, consumption of drugs & alcohol, and fostering non violent communication

We believe in the power of education programs based on values for life. The program attempts to reinforce resilience in our participants, and make them aware of their capabilities, strength and talents. It also intends to create a sense of self-respect and acceptance among our participants, and to encourage them to dream, define and develop their own plans for life.

The program is aimed at the creation of awareness regarding the possibilities of change in their lives in three aspects:

1. Promoting a sense of wellbeing (physical, emotional and mental).

2. Encouraging their capability of creating change (leadership and empowerment).

3. Improving their communication skills (enabling them to express themselves and to deal with conflict using non violent communication).

One of these sessions will be lead by INCURSIONES and its project PARADISO. They will guide participants in the development and application of their own proposals -all aimed at making others understand that their actions, behaviors and daily decisions have direct impact on the city we inhabit. INCURSIONES will show teenagers that promoting civic culture does not have to be a boring subject. With fun exercises, full of creativity, we can put into practice values (such as respect, empathy, honesty, solidarity, tolerance, coexistence) that as a society we have forgotten. The innovative aspect of the experience is the implementation of games as a learning strategy, to generate behavioral changes in the participants with actions limited in time and resources.

What makes MY LIFE IN MY HANDS Program and its methodologies innovative is the fact that new skills are acquired through integrated processes, not separated. Individuals are considered in their full dimensions. We consider our program to be very innovative because of the fact of working closely in contact with the reality of teenagers in the “barrio” (slums). We will make use of theater, video, music, martial arts and similar activities that will cause emotions to arise. This enables participants to meditate and reflect upon their own circumstances. The whole program is intended to create insight and to challenge students intellectually and emotionally.