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August 5, 2017
August 5, 2017

Concurso convocado por archiSTART para SCC2016

San Cataldo, Italia 2016

Proyecto │ Incursiones

Equipo │ Josymar Rodríguez, María Valentina González, Yanfe Pedroza, Eva Ramos, Alejandra Paredes

Mención honorífica

We bring you the coolest way to spend this summer ¡FRESCO! A temporary cloud design to refresh and inspirit visitors of the IAH16 summer edition. Summer is coming, let’s keep it cool. Keep it FRESCO.

FRESCO is an irrigation system, water runs through a forest of green plastic tubes to create a cloud of mist that reveals itself to cover people whenever necessary. We have taken advantage of the summer heat to create this intermittent oasis, a constructed opportunity to sit down and replenish -- is there a better excuse to bring people together?

The space is filled with floating rings available for both users and beachgoers. They can be used as seats to study, take naps, punch in moments of frustration, dance with at concerts or simply put to their regular use: for survival in deep waters. The proposal is also able to spread beyond the limits of the camp; students can take the rings to the beach, transforming the iconic intervention into a colorful performance that could live on after this unforgettable experience is over. Once summer is past, visitors can take the floating devices as a souvenir.

FRESCO is flexible. It will transform people's sensation of their surroundings and adjust according to the activity happening in it: when the cooling system is on, people can sit, relax, talk and play. When the system is off, a class could start and everyone could sit on a ring and listen. Perfect for work, forums, projections and for the hot hours of the day, FRESCO is an inviting, malleable, and unforgettable gathering space, ready to satisfy the camp's needs.